The following comments and policy recommendations are based on the results of 6 Community Meetings, in 41 Vulnerable Communities, with 448 residents.

Youth must be taught professionalism and exposed to business ownership strategies early, in order to ignite their entrepreneurial spirit.
To build community business districts, Black entrepreneurs need technical, business, and policy supports.
Residents want...
  • Efforts that equip community with entrepreneurial skills & mindset
  • Technical support and mentoring to creating strong business plans
  • Affordable local business spaces such as incubators
  • Designated business zones in each low income community
  • The removal of arbitrary barriers against new business owners
PBEOC Policy Recommendations
  • Government support for vendor training and small business startups
  • Offer credits for M/WBE businesses to assist participation on government contracts
  • Set a target goal of contracting dollars going to M/WBE businesses
  • Create fund to offer small businesses low-cost space