The following comments and policy recommendations are based on the results of 6 Community Meetings, in 41 Vulnerable Communities, with 448 residents.

Many of our students are not prepared for employment or college, even after graduation.
Our kids need understanding, inspirational, and excellent teachers in their classrooms, especially those who look like them, Black and male.
Residents want...
  • High-quality early childhood education
  • Partnership between schools, teachers and parents
  • Relevant curricula to better meet our students’ needs
  • Tutors, mentors, volunteers, and support services
  • Access to quality services that already exist
  • Bridge gaps in technology, music and arts programs
PBEOC Policy Recommendations
  • Support workforce projections from Allegheny Conference’s “Future of Work” 2016 report through expanding Career and Technical Education (CTE)
  • Increase job training by Community College enrollment
  • Ensure maximum academic achievement for all students
  • Accountability and transparency through measurement and monitoring