The following comments and policy recommendations are based on the results of 6 Community Meetings, in 41 Vulnerable Communities, with 448 residents.

Hiring policies shrink options; and limited access keep people from jobs.
Since job skills don’t match higher wage employment opportunities, often, residents rely on unstable part-time and temp jobs.
Black youth are unprepared for employment.
Residents want...
  • Supportive environments that advocate entrepreneurship and professionalism in Black communities
  • Removal of arbitrary barriers and creation of employment avenues for young people, ex-convicts, and single mothers
  • More thriving businesses within the community
  • Increased bus routes & bike lanes
  • Access to the information that leads to consistent employment
PBEOC Policy Recommendations
  • Non-discrimination employment practices
  • Local Hire Ordinance for construction and operations
  • Invest in training programs linked to employment with a clear path to living-wage employment
  • Creating an equal playing field in employment for LGBTQIA+ residents